Friday, November 25, 2016

Oh ya, drawing. 

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hey Rachel!!!

As you can see I haven't updated this place in ages. It now lives on as my own private museum of faces and landscapes.

Stay as long as you like but whatever you do, don't eat anything in the fridge, it has long since turned to poison.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Landscape extravaganza

Victoria Beach looking north with the tower relatively close.
Victoria Beach looking north, again, with the tower farther away.

This is from Moss Beach, looking south.

The cave at Thousand Steps Beach.

Victoria Beach as seen from the Montage Hotel.

A photo composite painting of Moss Beach.

Cliff Beach looking South towards Main Beach.
Cliff Beach looking North towards New Port.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Power Tools

I got into the idea of craftsmanship as a worthwhile subject for art so I painted these two paintings of tools and panels I made.

These are some master copies I've done:
This is one of Rembrandt's many self-portraits:
Girl with the pearl earring:
The Milk Maid:
A DaVinci dopy although I forget the name of this one:
This is a Van Dyke copy and the first painting I did in Lance Richlin's alla prima technique:

Sunday, June 21, 2009

More still...

This was one of my large 2 foot by 4 foot senior port paintings for the 7 degrees show titles Shame.
My third painting of Santa Monica Pier in recent memory. Although of the pier, this one is really about the iconic life guard towers.

After doing the earlier version of this painting I decided to come back and redo it under brighter lighting.

Wow, I guess my blogging habits are not gonna get any better. Oh well.

Here is a taste of some of what I've been painting in the last 60+ days:

This was my first painting of Santa Monica Pier in recent years that I did shortly after returning to Los Angeles. It was around 4 PM and had been cloudy all day.
As much as I love LA it's beaches are wide and sandy, not really ideal for seascapes. So instead of painting near Santa Monica and took the 534 metro bus up the coast to paint what was left of an old pier opposite the Getty Villa. This one took about 3 hours to do in total.
This was the 4th and final of my larger series for the 7 degrees show, titled "Other People's Relationships."

Looking for other interesting places to paint in Los Angeles I headed down to LAX. I was worried that the security might get upset with me for being there but all the employees and police who happened by were very friendly.
This was done at the far end of LAX looking back up the middle of the "U" shape that LAX makes.